Air Fryer Avocado Fries

March 20, 2020 Megha Barot 0

We recently just invested in a new, 5.8 qt air fryer and it has probably been one of the best decisions we’ve made in a while! When we cook dinner we make big portions of […]


Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread

March 13, 2020 Megha Barot 0

If you’ve ever been a fan of banana bread or a moist dessert, this chocolate chip zucchini bread is going to blow your mind! With a golden brown, crisp exterior and a warm, moist interior […]

Keto Diet Desserts

Homemade Keto Caesar Dressing

March 2, 2020 Megha Barot 0

Caesar dressing is delicious, but anchovies are are not. So, how do we make a delicious keto Caesar dressing in a traditional way without anchovies and raw egg? You would think its impossible to get […]

Keto Diet Breakfast

Easy Air Fryer Jalapeno Poppers

February 28, 2020 Megha Barot 0

Another air fryer recipe in the books and this one is one to write home about. If you aren’t a fan of traditional jalapeno poppers our twist using chicken will make these air fryer jalapeno […]


Creamy Cauliflower Risotto

January 6, 2020 Megha Barot 0

One thing we I think we can all agree on is that risotto is delicious. It’s also a rare find these days unless you hit up a fancy restaurant. Something so good and rich shouldn’t […]