Competition Winners: 15 December 2019

See when you’re a winner this month!

Every month The Healthy Mummy runs A HEAP of various competitions with LOADS of fabulous prizes to be gained.

Healthy Mummy Competition Winners - 4 April 2017

Prizes embrace smoothies, singlets, cookbooks and different goodies from our Healthy Mummy merchandise vary in addition to some particular handpicked objects that we expect our members will love!


Competition winners are chosen each few days. If you see your identify within the listing beneath, please scroll to the underside of this web page and click on on the “CLAIM YOUR PRIZE ” button to assert (inside the 14 day declare interval). Please make sure you take a screenshot of your identify, as proven within the listing beneath, and add it together with your particulars whenever you submit your declare.


If you see your identify listed as a big prize winner, please examine your e mail for particulars on the best way to declare your prize!

A BIG thanks to all of those that enter our competitions and GOOD LUCK!

Join 100,000’s of mums TRANSFORMING their physique & well being on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

The Healthy Mummy Private Support Group

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15/1 $50 Cash Jiji Lar
15/1 Healthy Mummy Protein Powder Joy Adams
14/1 $50 Cash Larni N Tommy Sulusi
14/1 $25 Healthy Mummy Shop Voucher Kristal Posilovic
13/1 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Margaret Kennedy
12/1 Rebel Sports $50 voucher Tanya OHehir
eight/1 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Rebecca Caffyn
7/1 $25 Cash Tammy Clancy
5/1 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Jenni Tierney
four/1 $50 Coles Voucher Brittney Barden
three/1 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Leandre McMillan
2/1 FIT BIT Felicity Paton
2/1 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Felicity Smolenaers
1/1 $50 Coles Voucher Lucy Stephenson
1/1 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Sheralee Kirkwood
1/1 Pair of trainers Jamie-Lee McMeeking
1/1 Chocolate Healthy Mummy Smoothie Sam Banfield
31/12 $50 money Natalie Watson
31/12 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Karlien Engelbrecht
31/12 $50 Cash Katrina Pearce
31/12 $50 money Sunday Wedel
31/12 Healthy Mummy SKIN Pamper Pack RRP $189 Jolene McDonald
31/12 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Chanel Reid
30/12 $50 Coles voucher Naomi Brens
30/12 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Jacqui Seager
30/12 $50 retailer voucher Milissa Mcguinness
30/12 Healthy Mummy SKIN Pamper Pack RRP $189 Brittni Hebblewhite
30/12 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Elouise Ford
30/12 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Eleni Giapitzis
29/12 Healthy Mummy SKIN Pamper Pack RRP $189 Sarah Louise Strong
29/12 $50 Rebel Store Voucher Nicole Deakes Brown
29/12 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Bonita Cooper
29/12 $100 Rebel Voucher Amy Barden
29/12 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Sally Stepniewski
28/12 Healthy Mummy Protein Powder Jenna Daniel
28/12 $50 money Kiara Edwards
28/12 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Драгана Кнежевић Кимар
28/12 Vanilla Healthy Mummy Smoothie Cassie Chenhall- Ralis
27/12 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Therese Rochecouste
27/12 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Bek Hartles
27/12 Healthy Mummy SKIN Pamper Pack Kristylee Harris
27/12 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Sarah Tokley
27/12 $50 Healthy Mummy Store Voucher Michele Perone Scott
26/12 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Carmel Cammarano
26/12 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Kristy Mc
26/12 $50 Healthy Mummy Store Voucher Adena Leila
26/12 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Melissa Ray
25/12 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Emma Cranney
25/12 $50 Healthy Mummy Store Voucher Sue Bogdanoska
24/12 $50 Healthy Mummy Store Voucher Lisa Barre
23/12 $50 Cash Ashleigh Whittington
22/12 $50 Cash Lyn Scheiwe
22/12 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Helen Waugh
22/12 $100 Rebel Voucher Andrea Hutton
21/12 $50 retailer voucher Jaclyn Van Opdenbosch
21/12 $50 retailer voucher Raisha Aarden
21/12 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Belinda Jay
19/12 $50 retailer voucher Leonie Michie
19/12 $50 money Mia Timai
19/12 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Rowena Groundwater
19/12 $50 retailer voucher Ann Roser
17/12 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Kayla Keep
17/12 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Amy Joy Thomas
16/12 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Alice Elizabeth
16/12 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Chantelle Iadanza
16/12 Healthy Mummy Smoothie tub Eloise de Guzman
16/12 Healthy Mummy Smoothie tub Tatiana HM Flores
16/12 Healthy Mummy Protein Powder Louise Maree
15/12 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Renee Riach

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The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge Kick Start Support Group

Join the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge Kick Start Support Group

31/12 Healthy Mummy Smoothie – Tracy Jones

Have you seen the AMAZING Healthy Mummy SKIN Collagen Beauty Powder??

Beauty Collagen Powder is a scrumptious addition to your day by day magnificence routine – it really works to help magnificence from the within out! The powder accommodates zinc and vitamin C which assists with the upkeep of wholesome hair, pores and skin and nails. Beauty Collagen Powder additionally accommodates sustainably sourced marine collagen, protein and iron.


Beauty Collagen Powder Supports Beauty from the Inside Out

    • Healthy pores and skin, hair & nails*
    • Protection from free radical harm*
    • Supports bones and cartilage*
    • Assists with tissue constructing and restore*
    • No synthetic colors, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives
    • Contains 7g of sustainably sourced marine collagen
    • Quick and straightforward to make
    • Delicious pure berry flavour
    • Breastfeeding pleasant


The Healthy Mummy Food Lovers Group

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11/1 Healthy Mummy Smoothie – Harriet Lewis
31/12 Healthy Mummy Smoothie – Lorraine Adams
29/12 Healthy Mummy Smoothie – Sandra Parmenter
28/12 Healthy Mummy Smoothie – Larni N Tommy Sulusi
19/12 Healthy Mummy Smoothie – Sarrah McIntosh

Healthy Mummy Fashion Support Group

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12/1 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Kirsty Kerry

Mum of 5 Andrea Dixon has misplaced over 30kgs and feels superb


Join Andrea on the subsequent 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and alter your life.

Amy has misplaced 56kgs with the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and has by no means felt higher!

Amy Atkinson 55kg 160918e

Make a change and be a part of Amy and hundreds of different mums on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge TODAY.

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Budget Cooking & Weight Loss With The Healthy Mummy


Join 100,000’s of mums TRANSFORMING their physique & well being on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge!

TAKE half within the 28 DAY WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE with 100,000’s of mums

We have helped mums lose over three million kilos. In our AWESOME app, you’ll obtain:

  • Instant entry to four,000+ recipes
  • Customisable meal plans
  • Budget and household pleasant
  • All 350+ exercise movies
  • Daily help & all made for busy mums
  • $25 Store Voucher

Take Part Here

The Healthy Mummy New Mum Support Group

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14/1 Healthy Mummy Smoothie – Maree Wood
14/1 Healthy Mummy Smoothie – Casey Maree Lally
9/1 Healthy Mummy Smoothie – Crystal Suter
5/1 Healthy Mummy Smoothie – Maddii Kendrick
four/1 Healthy Mummy Smoothie – Natascia Makdesi
three/1 Healthy Mummy Smoothie – Tamara Whitworth
2/1 Healthy Mummy Smoothie – Sarah Mary Graham
31/12 Healthy Mummy Smoothie – Regan Deger

Healthy Mummy and Meal Prep Queen Sascha Farley has misplaced 30kg and maintained that weight reduction with the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Sascha Farley 25kg

Want to entry hundreds of wholesome, tasty, family-friendly and budget-friendly recipes? Join Sascha on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge NOW.

Healthy Mummy Pregnancy Support Group

Join THM Pregnancy Support Group

Have you seen our superb NEW Healthy Mummy Smoothie Club??!

The membership is 100% geared to present LIFETIME decrease charges (as much as 52% low cost) on smoothies with FREE Aussie Post!

The nice information is when you’re a present smoothie member – you robotically get the NEW smoothie membership member fee!

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Rachel Cody has misplaced over 60kg with The Healthy Mummy and has a brand new lease on life

Rachel-Cody 60kg

Want to rework your physique, thoughts and well being like Rachel? Sign up for the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge TODAY.

The Healthy Mummy Losing Big Numbers Support Group

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14/1 Healthy Mummy Smoothie – Tatum Damman
11/1 Healthy Mummy Smoothie – Brooke Milkins
5/1 Healthy Mummy Smoothie – Natisha Harrison
three/1 Healthy Mummy Protein Powder – Bernie Fanning
31/12 Healthy Mummy Smoothie – Veronica Row

The Healthy Mummy 45+ Support Group

Join THM 45+ Support Group

14/1 Healthy Mummy Smoothie – Vee Nessa
9/1 Healthy Mummy Smoothie – Jackie Collins
5/1 Healthy Mummy Smoothie – Rita Keay
31/12 Healthy Mummy Smoothie – Sherryl Riches

Meal Prep With The Healthy Mummy

Join Meal Prep with The Healthy Mummy Group

12/1 Healthy Mummy Smoothie – Kaysha Pryke
12/1 Healthy Mummy Smoothie – Jane Whipps
5/1 Healthy Mummy Smoothie -Kristen Teagan Rose-marie Gordon
5/1 Healthy Mummy Smoothie – Janine Hastie
27/12 Healthy Mummy Smoothie – Bec O’Donnell

If you expertise hassle when claiming your prize, please contact us right here so we may help.

ALL PRIZES MUST BE CLAIMED WITHIN 14 DAYS (declare by four March 2020)


Guest submit by Tracy Hardy

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