15 Reasons We Crave Sugar & How To Beat The Habit For Good

One query I get typically is how do I beat my sugar cravings? A whole lot of issues may cause us to crave sure meals. I’ve by no means seen such an enormous sucker in my life! But significantly, sugar cravings was onerous for me to interrupt too! I used to be on plenty of antibiotics for ear infections after I was a toddler, then as a young person I used to be prescribed antibiotics for zits. No surprise I beloved junk meals and was depressed! I more than likely had no good-intestine micro organism!

There are many causes that we’ve got meals cravings. Let me step you thru the highest causes we crave meals that will help you fight your cravings!

Here are some frequent issues that may trigger cravings and starvation:

1. Lack of Electrolytes

The first emotions of starvation in the course of the day most likely means you want some sodium. Often instances, purchasers inform me they crave salt. Craving salt isn’t dangerous except you seize potato chips to fulfill these cravings. Remember that electrolyte must up on keto. Some of the sentiments of an electrolyte imbalance (lightheadedness, and many others) folks typically misconstrue as starvation.

2. Low Hydrochloric acid

I all the time inform purchasers, “You usually are not ‘what you eat’ you might be WHAT YOU ABSORB!”

You could possibly be consuming probably the most nutritious meals BUT if you happen to aren’t absorbing these vitamins you might be consistently going to be hungry and have cravings. Even although you take in energy, you aren’t absorbing vitamins. If you might be having indigestion, acid reflux disease or hungry after a big meal, add hydrochloric acid with pepsin (click on HERE to seek out). A wholesome thyroid produces hydrochloric acid. I’ve had purchasers want as much as 5 capsules every time they eat, however most frequently purchasers solely want one with every meal.


I typically work with purchasers who’re on thyroid remedy and I all the time inform them to have their physician maintain an in depth eye on their thyroid ranges. Despite what their physician tells them, I typically get purchasers OFF thyroid remedy with correct weight loss plan and supplementation!

If you might be on thyroid remedy and also you began to comply with one among my thyroid protocols (click on HERE to seek out), and also you discover your sleep struggling, your stools are unfastened, you might be having a contact of tension, your starvation is elevated… mainly all the pieces is rushing up… it’s worthwhile to get your thyroid ranges retested. You more than likely are being overdosed with thyroid remedy. Having too quick of a thyroid isn’t wholesome and causes points simply as if you happen to had too low of a thyroid.

4. Exercise

Due to the rise in blood sugar that intense train causes, there’s a response of the blood sugar coming again down. Hunger occurs when blood sugar is falling. You most frequently discover that starvation goes away while you begin exercising however as soon as you might be completed exercising, starvation is elevated.  Hunger is elevated after train additionally on account of dehydration; earlier than you seize meals, drink water with added electrolytes.

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If weight reduction is your purpose, you’ll profit from the afterburn impact hours after a exercise if you happen to permit the human development hormone to rise and don’t eat proper after understanding.


You might have heard this earlier than however typically instances you might be thirsty, not hungry. Make positive to drink half your physique weight in ounces every day. However, don’t drink with meals, it dilutes your digestive enzymes that break down meals.


If you suppose that you’re doing advantageous residing off of 6 hours of sleep an evening, suppose once more! Lack of sleep causes many points. Your hormones are balanced as you relaxation. Your thyroid and adrenal hormones NEED SLEEP!

There is an interesting examine on Army Rangers the place they saved their weight loss plan the identical however they restricted their sleep to solely 6 hours an evening. After three nights, their cells began to appear like a Type 2 diabetic!

I’ve many individuals ask me why their blood sugars are excessive regardless of consuming keto. My first query is “how is your sleep?” Most typically, they’d a poor evening of sleep.

Sleep helps with cravings, weight reduction, blood sugar, moods and a lot extra! The reason for sleep issues is an advanced concern. If you may’t go to sleep, it more than likely is low melatonin. Using high quality BLUblox glasses is superb for this! It helped me lots; I begin carrying my BLUblox glasses round 5pm each evening.

Also, IN RARE events magnesium is energizing, attempt shifting this to the morning if sleep continues to be and concern. It is energizing for me.

If you may’t keep asleep, it could possibly be low salt or typically low progesterone in girls.

Cutting ALL caffeine is essential for therapeutic sleep points.

7. Caffeine

Caffeine will increase blood sugar which is why it typically stops starvation while you first begin ingesting it. On common, 250 milligrams will enhance blood sugar about eight%. But what goes up, should come down. Once you cease ingesting your espresso, starvation is elevated much more earlier than you began ingesting it. Most purchasers remark that after they stop espresso their cravings are decreased tremendously!

Caffeine additionally will increase androgen hormone and excessive androgen in a feminine physique causes PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome) which is mainly diabetes that results fertility and makes weight reduction very troublesome.

Caffeine additionally dehydrates you and depletes you of electrolytes. Dehydration and low electrolytes enhance starvation and cravings.


I typically work with purchasers who inform me they’re nice in the course of the week when they’re busy, however on the weekends they discover they eat manner an excessive amount of and it is actually because they’re bored.

Find new hobbies or enjoyable methods to fill time as a substitute of specializing in meals. If I stated I used to be bored as a toddler, my mother all the time gave me chores to do! lol

9. Low good intestine micro organism

A wholesome physique has 2 POUNDS of fine intestine micro organism within the giant gut the place the everyday American has nearly none! Could this be why there may be a lot despair, weight problems, sleep points happening? Serotonin comes from our intestine! Low intestine micro organism causes low moods, intense sugar cravings, poor sleep and even weight acquire.

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Children that crave bland meals or plain noodles, are more than likely low in good intestine micro organism.

10. Mineral deficiencies

Low magnesium (which you’ll’t check cell saturation for) causes chocolate and candy cravings. Majority of youngsters and adults are poor as a result of we as soon as obtained magnesium from our water provide. Since most individuals drink filtered or bottled water, we’re poor in magnesium. Even in case you are ingesting nicely water, the soil is depleted of the magnesium it as soon as had. My complete household takes Magnesium Glycinate (400-800mg each day).

Low zinc causes salt cravings or wanting one thing candy after a meal though you might be full. Many individuals are low in zinc since you lose plenty of zinc as you sweat. Low zinc may trigger zits or “back”ne (zits on the again). Birth management drugs deplete you of zinc. IF you determine to start out taking zinc, begin slowly OR it can trigger you to really feel nauseous.

11. Medications and Herbs

Craig is taking a complete drugs cupboard price of herbs, dietary supplements and three very highly effective medicines. Many medicines and antibiotics can change the best way your style-buds register taste and sometimes boring the style-bud response which trigger us to seek for extra taste. In this case we frequently want extra candy or salt on our meals. Or we frequently quit and we lose our urge for food as a result of nothing tastes good.

I’m not telling you to cease your medicines, however remember that some medicines, antibiotics and herbs can change style buds in addition to enhance starvation.

12. Certain instances of the yr

Many instances folks inform me they crave an apple within the fall, or strawberries in the summertime. People who’ve stop smoking typically have set backs in the course of the time of yr or in a setting the place they began smoking. These cravings stem from recollections being triggered throughout sure instances of the yr.

People maintain quick to meals traditions. For instance, if you happen to crave apples in fall, you most likely have good recollections of consuming apples recent from an apple tree with your loved ones, and your mother and father most likely have related recollections with their mother and father earlier than them.

13. Low Dopamine

Cravings for sugar and carbohydrates, in addition to binge consuming is related to low serotonin and low dopamine ranges. Serotonin and dopamine soothes and calms and brings about emotions of contentment. With enough serotonin, you could have a higher degree of satiety when maintaining a healthy diet meals. Do not be mistaken that sugar helps with low serotonin and dopamine ranges. Sugar will increase serotonin for a short while however with an INTENSE crash, inflicting a extra intense low. The true assist for mind neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine are animal proteins. Amino acids in animal proteins enhance serotonin and dopamine naturally.

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A couple of issues may cause low serotonin and dopamine. One just isn’t consuming sufficient animal proteins. Another motive is having excessive histamines. High histamines block serotonin subsequently typically inflicting despair. Eliminating excessive histamine meals is the first step.

If you might be NOT on an antidepressant, one thing referred to as 5-HTP will increase serotonin. 5-HTP helps many individuals lower cravings, enhance temper, in addition to lower PMS. 5-HTP is a metabolite of the amino acid tryptophan. You might know tryptophan because the agent in turkey that makes you are feeling like taking a nap after Thanksgiving dinner (along with a full stomach). 5-HTP is a direct precursor of the essential neurotransmitter serotonin, which is secreted in response to temper or emotion swings. It additionally helps with rising QUALITY sleep.

In uncommon events, purchasers have a tough time changing 5-HTP to tryptophan and in that case attempting l-tryptophan is really helpful. Start with 1000mg and transfer as much as 4000mg as wanted.

14. Time of Day

I grew up on a mattress-evening snack and for 18 years of my life, my mother and father had us eat one thing earlier than mattress. This was the toughest unhealthy behavior for me to interrupt. My physique wasn’t bodily hungry at 8pm, however my thoughts thought I used to be.

If you begin Intermittent Fasting and discover it onerous to not eat each few hours, is it that you’re actually hungry OR it the clock telling your thoughts you often eat at the moment. This is a tough starvation behavior to interrupt. I needed to cease wanting on the clock and listening to my true starvation.


Hunger occurs when blood sugar begins to fall. This is why eliminating carbohydrates and sugar is so useful for intermittent fasting and helps with weight reduction. But different issues trigger blood sugar to fall. What goes up, should come down. Caffeine, train and lack of sleep can all enhance blood sugar, which will even trigger a fall in blood sugar; in flip, causes starvation and will increase cravings.

This is why I LOVE the carnivore life-style. There’s no have to rely carbs or stress out about getting your macros proper!

I like carnivore and sadly I see folks suppose it’s a restricted weight loss plan. It may be if you happen to aren’t creative. So I jumped into the kitchen to create probably the most scrumptious carnivore recipes!

There are plenty of causes that trigger cravings and might enhance starvation. Listening to your physique and alerts, you may decide in case you are actually hungry or if you happen to didn’t get sufficient sleep or caffeine is triggering you. Maybe you might be poor in electrolytes or minerals which can be inflicting particular cravings. It took me a long time to hearken to my physique indicators and now that I’ve, I discovered peace with myself and I hope the following tips assist you to too!

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