Vanilla Matcha Smoothie | Plant-Based Energizing Recipe

This vanilla matcha smoothie is ideal as a satisfying breakfast or scrumptious mid-morning snack. Softened cashews, coconut water, cashew milk, matcha powder, frozen banana and vanilla come collectively for a tasty protein-packed, antioxidant-rich matcha smoothie.

The reasonable degree of caffeine together with mood-stabilizing l-theanine within the matcha powder offers sustained vitality with none of the anxious jittery sensations you expertise from a cup of espresso.

green tea smoothie with matcha and bananas

How Much Caffeine Does Matcha Have?

Matcha tea has between 30 to 70 mg of caffeine per cup of tea. By comparability, a cup of espresso has between 125 and 150 mg of caffeine, and a cup of inexperienced tea has 15 to 30 mg of caffeine.

Breakfast smoothie with matcha and cashews

Health Benefits of a Matcha Smoothie

Adding matcha powder to this smoothie is a straightforward method to incorporate a load of well being advantages into your food plan. Matcha tea is a powdered type of inexperienced tea leaves. Just ¼ to ½ teaspoon of matcha powder has the identical antioxidant content material as eight to 10 cups of inexperienced tea. Matcha is a superb supply of L-theanine, a uncommon amino acid which promotes well-being, rest, focus and focus.

A 2017 scientific literature assessment discovered that inexperienced tea catechins have a variety of well being advantages, together with defending towards heart problems, aiding in most cancers prevention, and possessing anti-inflammatory properties.

More well being advantages on this inexperienced tea matcha smoothie:

  • Cashews and cashew milk: This protein-packed nut is nice to your coronary heart.
  • Coconut water: This thirst-quenching water different is filled with electrolytes.
  • Matcha powder: Scoop this antioxidant-rich powder into your smoothie.
  • Banana: Banana provides sweetness with out inflicting your blood sugar to spike. With low-glycemic sugars and pectin, bananas thicken your smoothie. They additionally lend a creamy texture and ideal quantity of sweetness. This recipe requires frozen bananas, however you need to use recent, too. Make certain so as to add just a few ice cubes if utilizing recent bananas.
  • Vanilla: Adds a low-calorie increase of taste whereas offering magnesium.
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Fresh ginger and banana in this matcha green tea smoothie

How Much Matcha Do I Use in a Smoothie?

Somewhat matcha powder goes a good distance, so that you don’t need to overdo it. Start with 1 teaspoon in your smoothie. Have a sip. And if you need extra matcha taste, begin by including matcha powder in 1/eight teaspoon increments.

You in all probability don’t need to add far more than 1½ teaspoons complete or your smoothie will begin to style like grass. (And that’s def it the objective right here).

I exploit the Republic of Tea Organic Full-Leaf Matcha that is available in a cute tin. I desire the tins to assist with the mess and it shops properly in my cabinet.

Green tea smoothie in a vitamix

How to make a matcha smoothie

It’s extremely straightforward to make a matcha inexperienced tea smoothie with plant-based protein. I actually wished to spice up the creaminess, so we’re utilizing soaked cashews. Its

You’ll have to soak the cashews in coconut water to melt. You can soften cashew with three strategies. The first methodology retains probably the most vitamins.

Soaking Cashews for a Creamy Smoothie

Method #1: soak the cashews in a single day for eight hours within the coconut water.

Method #2: Soak the cashews in boiling scorching water for 10 minutes. This is what I name the “flash-boil” methodology when there’s no time to waste. Drain after which add to blender. You’ll lose some vitamins, but you’ll nonetheless get the cream issue.

Once the cashews are softened, add them to a blender together with the coconut water that they have been soaking in. Add the cashew milk, matcha, frozen banana, and vanilla beans to blender and mix till clean and creamy.

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Make this unbelievable matcha smoothie recipe for breakfast or snack and revel in a scrumptious and energizing drink stuffed with well being advantages!

Vegan Matcha Smoothie



The mellow style of matcha with candy vanilla, blended right into a scrumptious, creamy smoothie. Enjoy any time of the day, this recipe is ideal for breakfast, pre- and post-workout and midnight snacks, too!



  • 2 Tbsp cashews
  • 1/four cup coconut water
  • three/four cup cashew milk
  • 1 teaspoon matcha (or extra, if desired)
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract (non-obligatory)
  • 1/four tsp ginger root (non-obligatory)


  1. Soak cashews in coconut water.
  2. Add cashews with water to blender.
  3. Add cashew milk, matcha, frozen banana, ginger and vanilla to blender.
  4. Blend till clean and creamy.


For added sweetness and extra vanilla taste, add 1-2 pitted medjool dates to the blender.

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