Weight Loss vs Fat Loss: Are they the same? [E12]

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I’ve been so pumped to do at the moment’s episode as a result of fairly actually, it’s one among my largest pet peeves on the planet, at the very least in relation to Keto. And it has been on the backburner since I began the present a pair months in the past, as a result of I didn’t actually know if I ought to come out of the gate swinging and ranting proper off the bat. But you guys know me now and you’ve got in all probability heard my rants creep out right here and there anyhow, so I can’t assist it. Today’s the subject of at the moment’s episode all the time triggers this knee jerk response and I’ve very sturdy opinions about it. And that subject is weight reduction vs. fats loss. Now, there’s nothing flawed with both a type of issues, however at the finish of the day, one is so much higher than the different. And I actually need to speak to you guys about this as a result of your weight doesn’t offer you the entire image. And so, so, so many individuals have weight reduction targets that they’re grinding away at proper now. And with the New Year and the new me and all of the issues occurring presently, I believe it’s actually the excellent time to get some perspective on this. And I actually hope that it does allow you to. So I’m speaking about physique composition.

What your weight is definitely made up of. And this consists of bones, muscle tissues, organs, pores and skin, fats, and water. So the bones, muscle tissues, organs and pores and skin are what we check with as your lean physique mass. And that is mainly simply every thing that your physique’s made up of aside from fats and water. So for those who’re stepping on the scale, you’re measuring all of it. OK. Your bones weigh one thing. Your muscle tissues weigh one thing. Your organs weigh one thing. And so on and so forth. So if you step on the scale and simply need that quantity to say no, you’re usually centered on the flawed factor. OK, you aren’t excited about why that quantity is dropping. And that scale measurement, how a lot you weigh, is the metric that you simply’re measuring your self with. And it solely simply offers you the small, tiny sliver of the huge image, what’s really occurring in your physique. So individuals usually have fun when the quantity goes down or they freak out when the quantity goes up with out understanding if it’s factor or a nasty factor. And I’m right here to let you know that weight reduction in any respect prices just isn’t all the time factor. OK. And I’ll clarify it. Not even from a well being at each measurement, physique positivity form of method, which I’m all for that. I’m right here for it. If I’m being actual, however I’m speaking about at a metabolic degree, like what does it imply if you’re dropping the flawed form of weight? And to place this in perspective, I’ve a pair examples from actual life the place I’ve been like, “hmm, that is a lot to unpack.”

So I believe we have to spend a little bit time and unpack it. Now, this one really occurs to me fairly a bit, however normally not in such an overt form of method. But some time again my pal’s mother wished to select my mind about Keto. She wished to reduce weight and began asking me about macros and learn how to arrange her weight loss program. And as I used to be giving her the run down, explaining to her that carbs are restricted for ketosis, fats can come out of your plate or out of your physique, however it’s very, essential to just remember to eat satisfactory protein to assist your muscle. She stopped me. And she checked out me and completely straight-faced, mentioned, “I don’t care about my muscle. I just want to get skinny. What do I need to do to get skinny?” So there’s lots of people with that get skinny mentality that possibly you don’t perceive the significance of lean physique mass. But for those who’re apprehensive about your weight or your physique in any respect, then you really want to listen to me out on this one. Of all the stuff I listed off earlier, water, fats, muscle, and so forth., your muscle burns the most energy. Water just isn’t metabolically energetic and adipose tissue or fats simply doesn’t burn energy like muscle does.

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OK. So your muscle is your metabolically energetic tissue. It’s your furnace that retains you burning power. So if you lose a few of this muscle, your metabolism is dropping because of this. So that quantity on the scale that’s dropping from all your weight-reduction plan in any respect price efforts and never consuming satisfactory protein or not being bodily energetic is definitely a mirrored image of your metabolism dropping on this state of affairs. So what you actually need to be dropping is fats. Right. And sadly, the weight reduction focus is simply so ingrained in our society. It’s the huge focus that everyone obsesses about when actually it ought to be fats loss. Like take into consideration The Biggest Loser. All of those individuals had been competing for a share of weight reduction with none regard for what their physique composition was really doing. It was simply so long as the scale went down, they had been doing issues proper. And if the scale didn’t go down, then they acquired despatched dwelling. You know, they had been kicked off the present and it simply doesn’t actually make any sense. So what for those who’re dropping fats and muscle, which for those who aren’t energetic and consuming satisfactory protein, there’s likelihood that you’re dropping muscle. I keep in mind again in the day, they had been doing this largest loser problem at my work and I wished to affix in on it.

But when they came upon how they did every thing, I used to be like, “Nope!” It’s simply primarily based on weekly weigh ends. It’s not primarily based on any form of metric that I’m involved with. So I simply don’t assume it’s a wholesome method to weight reduction as a result of we ought to be actually centered on fats loss as an alternative. Celebrating muscle loss just isn’t actually my cup of tea. So you get it. It’s my pet peeve. Prioritize fats loss over weight reduction. Now, the method your physique really burns by its power shops provides insult to damage in relation to weight reduction in any respect prices. In an ideal world, your physique would simply burn by the fats, proper? We have adipose tissue, which is our saved power in the type of physique fats. But we now have glycogen shops in our muscle and liver, which is mainly simply saved carbs and that will get utterly depleted after doing Keto. So that is tapped out with carb restriction. So after I inform folks that macros present our power, we now have fats, we now have carbs and we now have protein, these are our macros. Our fats is our saved physique fats. Right? It’s our adipose tissue. Our saved carbs are in our liver and muscle as glycogen. So the place’s our saved protein? We don’t actually have saved protein and protein just isn’t actually an amazing supply of power.

So you’re both getting carbs and fats for power. Protein is sort of a final resort form of power, however its main goal is to resupply your lean physique mass. OK. So as an alternative of saved protein, we now have our lean physique mass. This is our muscle tissues or organs and they’re all basically constructed with amino acids. These are the constructing blocks of protein and it’s in a relentless cycle of turnover the place it’s damaged down and constructed again up. And in an effort to construct it again up, we have to present it in our diets. So we don’t have saved protein simply ready round. We have muscle. And if our physique wants it, it is going to faucet into that. It will if our physique wants protein, it’ll faucet into our muscle shops. OK. So doing issues like prolonged fasting, deliberately limiting your protein consumption and issues like that, the place you’re not replenishing that pool of amino acids wanted to construct up all the crucial issues in your physique. Your physique’s compelled to faucet the protein from inside your physique and your physique is sensible. So it is going to spare issues which might be crucial to life like your organs. You know, it’s not going to begin breaking down your coronary heart and your mind. It’s going to focus on your muscle.

Ok. And that is how weight-reduction plan can destroy your metabolism. It’s not that weight-reduction plan is inherently dangerous, however poorly deliberate diets will be very damaging to your metabolism. OK. So what ought to we be doing as an alternative? And the huge secret’s consuming sufficient protein. This doesn’t imply it needs to be a excessive protein weight loss program, however it does imply an satisfactory protein consumption. OK.

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So when individuals hear this idea or they hear me speak about lean physique mass, they instantly assume that I’m telling them to eat as a lot protein as attainable, guzzle all the protein drinks and all that form of stuff. Right. But actually, I simply need individuals to concentrate on their protein wants and never neglect them for the sake of quicker weight reduction or as a result of they assume it is going to enhance ketone manufacturing or another misguided notion. All proper. Like, I all the time get actually unhappy after I hear somebody inform me like, “Oh, I was just eating too much protein and I wasn’t losing any weight. But as soon as I cut protein down, I started to lose weight again.” I’m like, “oh, great. So you’re celebrating muscle loss? Awesome.” It actually is a pet peeve of mine. So anyhow, like if you first begin keto, what do you hear? You hear low carb, excessive fats, reasonable protein, which actually is all relative. And it’s primarily based in your particular person wants. Right. But what the takeaway for most individuals is when they hear this low carb, excessive fats, reasonable protein is they take it as a rule or they take it to a very excessive model as an alternative of attempting to switch these phrases and terminology to suit their very own wants. So they hear a low carb and their thoughts goes proper to zero carbs. Right. Like, “Low? Ope. I can’t have any.”

Or they hear excessive fats and they assume they want to begin consuming fats bombs and chugging butter and attempting to pack in as a lot fats as attainable no matter what their targets are. Right. And then when they hear that reasonable protein, they assume moderation, which we’ve been educated to assume is just a bit bit. Right. Oh, every thing carefully. Like you simply you may have a little bit little bit of this and that. So they assume that phrase reasonable protein is consuming protein like very reasonably like very moderated consumption. So lots of people assume that they really need to chop again their protein consumption whereas doing Keto due to this low carb, excessive fats, reasonable protein form of mantra. Right. But a greater phrase to make use of as an alternative of reasonable is “adequate”, OK. Eat satisfactory protein. Eat sufficient protein. Eat loads of protein. OK. And the kicker. You know, this actually does drive you loopy. The kicker is that if you weight loss program, if you do Keto, if you prohibit energy and if you train, all this stuff really enhance your physique’s pure protein wants. OK. So you might need heard this earlier than, proper? You might need thought like athletes want extra protein. All proper. They’re bodily energetic. They’re figuring out. So if I’m figuring out, I would want to extend my protein wants and you’d be appropriate. Right. Increased bodily exercise additionally will increase your physique’s protein wants.

But a calorie deficit additionally will increase your physique’s demand for protein. And keto depends on protein to maintain blood sugars secure and gasoline glucose dependent cells. OK if there’s a course of referred to as “gluconeogenesis” to provide glucose in the absence of carbs. All proper. And that’s all fueled by amino acids or protein. They are the constructing blocks of protein. And this fuels your physique’s capability to provide glucose that retains your blood sugar secure. OK. And it fuels cells in your physique that ARE depending on glucose for power. The ones that may’t depend on ketones for gasoline. OK, so this additionally will increase the physique’s protein calls for. So for those who’re reducing again on what you’re consuming, you’re reducing your carb consumption. Maybe you began a exercise since you’re attempting to reduce weight. Right. All this stuff that you’d do if you’re attempting to reduce weight. This simply ups your physique’s protein wants. OK. And for those who don’t give it sufficient of what it wants, it’s going to sap your muscle. And actually, muscle is so much simpler to burn by than physique fats. The fats is extra calorically dense than protein or carbs in our meals. Right. So for each gram of fats, you’ve 9 energy. And for each gram of protein or carbs, you solely have 4 energy. So fats is greater than twice as a lot energy as every gram of protein or carbs.

And if fats is extra calorically dense than protein or carbs in our meals, then the similar will be mentioned for the power in our physique. Right. So that signifies that it takes extra power to burn by one gram of physique fats than it does to burn by one gram of carbs or protein. Right. So consider burning physique fats versus burning muscle or glycogen. Right. So if it’s so much simpler on your physique to burn by muscle than it’s to burn by physique fats, then , for those who aren’t taking precautions to stop loss in lean physique mass that you simply’re going to expertise loss in your muscle. OK. And you’re going to expertise a major lower in your metabolism because of this. And for those who don’t know why that’s a giant deal, it’s as a result of it’s going to make it more durable to keep up your weight reduction. It’s going to make your physique look much less shapely on account of your muscle loss. And if you drop your metabolism after you’ve misplaced weight, then it’s so much simpler to realize all of it again. And that’s one among the explanation why it may be laborious to reduce weight and preserve it off. OK, as a result of for those who’re destroying your metabolism in the course of by not preserving your lean physique mass, you then’re in all probability setting your self up for a wrestle in the long term. OK. It’s not about the fast outcomes.

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It’s about the sustainable long run outcomes. Right. You need to make issues straightforward on your future self. Not simply straightforward for you this week. OK. So learn how to protect your lean physique mass? What do you have to do? Exercise is a good way to protect your lean physique mass, proper? It will increase your protein wants, however it’s additionally a good way to save lots of your muscle. All proper. Resistance coaching is a good way to prioritize this, however cardio or endurance coaching may assist so long as you eat satisfactory protein as effectively. So for those who’re going to be exercising as a method of preserving your lean mass, you’ll in all probability have to bump up your protein consumption. And lifting weights just isn’t going to make you look cumbersome or huge. It’s going that will help you protect your muscle. It’s going that will help you construct that shapely physique that you simply’re after. OK. And for those who’re fortunate sufficient to truly construct muscle and add lean physique mass, then your metabolism will enhance. So it’s it’s nice. It’s helpful throughout. All proper. And it’s an amazing, nice option to fight the declining metabolism that we continuously see with weight-reduction plan. OK. And and one other method, eat satisfactory protein. We have talked about this all episode lengthy, guys. When doubtful, go for greater protein than decrease. Not solely will it assist your physique’s elevated protein calls for from the weight loss program, from carb restriction and out of your train efforts, however it is going to assist preserve you full as a result of protein is the most satiating macronutrient.

So being fuller and extra glad whereas attempting to alter your weight loss program can actually allow you to make it sustainable. OK. It may also help you stick with it. All proper. If it feels simpler to do, then it’s going to be simpler to do. All proper. So you probably have some form of want the place you do have to “moderate” your protein consumption due to some medically therapeutic ketogenic protocol that’s not designed for weight reduction and all of that form of stuff. Then work together with your nutritionist, work together with your dietitian or your doctor. Right. Work with someone else to determine and dial in your macros. Don’t simply observe these blanket, low, excessive and reasonable relative ideas and phrases. OK. If that is all dependent in your targets. And lastly, what I actually, actually need all people to do, no matter the place you’re coming from and what you’re all about, I would like you to cease specializing in the scale a lot. Get your physique composition checked out. Shift from excited about your weight to excited about your physique fats share. You can get a DEXA scan, get a bod pod studying. There’s so many different methods to watch your progress that offer you significant data, far more significant data than your weight. OK. Body recomposition is a superb option to change your physique with out seeing the scale shift round an excessive amount of.

Basically your weight stays about the similar, however your physique fats goes down and your muscle is rising. OK, you’ll appear to be a completely completely different particular person. You’ll be smaller and leaner and fitter. And in higher well being. Your metabolism will enhance. You’ll look utterly completely different and your physique weight, the quantity that you simply see if you step on that scale will keep precisely the similar. Right. So don’t concentrate on the scale. I hope all people actually does take this to coronary heart. But for people who find themselves considering doing Keto and also you’re already at a wholesome physique weight, you don’t actually have the extra weight to lose, however you’re contemplating getting a little bit extra lean. That’s a very nice option to do it. Focus on rising your muscle mass whereas reducing your physique fats and also you don’t actually need a calorie deficit to try this form of factor. You simply eat at upkeep. You eat in a option to keep your weight whilst you work to construct your muscle. And over time your physique begins to alter and shift and enhance general, although the scale staying the similar, although you’re not like reducing energy or something like that. OK, so you may have these actually wonderful transformations in your physique with out reducing energy dramatically or with out dropping pounds in any respect prices. OK, so simply keep in mind, guys, fats loss over weight reduction. Prioritize your physique composition!

Thank you a lot for tuning into this episode of the Ketogasm podcast. You are superior. I actually hope the exhibits added worth to your Keto journey. Making huge modifications to your consuming habits is usually a little difficult, however for those who’re taking the time to pay attention and find out about Keto, you’re effectively in your method. You acquired this. Be certain to go to Ketogasm dot com for the present notes with full transcripts, references and assets that will help you out, together with a completely free course referred to as Hello Keto. It’s helped over seventy 5 thousand individuals begin Keto with confidence. I’ll see you in the subsequent episode. Bye!

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