Weight Loss: Why Self-Sabotage Is Hold You Back

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Do you have sabotage syndrome?

Have you ever reached a point in your weight loss journey when things are going well, you’ve lost a significant amount of weight and are so close to reaching your ideal weight goal, then “something” happens … you go back to your old eating habits. You start to say things like, “I’m fine during the day, but at night, I start to graze and pick, and then I think I’ll start again tomorrow.” Or: “I had a bad day of eating, you might as well stop. “For some, it can be a rapid return to old eating behaviours, for others, it is a slow and gradual recurrence. Then you feel so disappointed and frustrated with your inability to lose weight again, so you decide to give up.

What about these scenarios… as your diet is going very well and you are losing weight, instead of giving yourself flowers on your birthday (or any other holiday), your significant other gives you a box of your favourite chocolates! Or, you have friends, colleagues, family members, etc. who tempt you with food choices they know you are avoiding while saying things like, “One bite will not hurt you” or “You’ve come so far, you deserve to have one!” , ” I did that, you have to try it.” or ” It’s my birthday, you must have cake! ”

Does this sound familiar to you? If so, you are not alone. Thousands of dieters suffer from similar patterns. In my experience, I often have patients who ask, “Why does this keep happening? Why can’t I just lose weight and keep it off? “Or:” It’s like I have two minds … one who wants to lose weight and the other who won’t let me. ”

I also often hear, “Why can’t my spouse (other important people, friend, family member, etc.) support my weight loss efforts?” “It almost seems like people are trying to make me eat and stay fat! ”

So why are you your worst enemy? Why are you or others hampering your weight loss goals?

6 common signs you’re self-sabotaging and how to stop it

Although everyone has their own limiting beliefs, some are more common than others. This is very true when these beliefs relate to your weight loss plan.



Quit the habit of making excuses

One of the simplest methods to identify limiting perception is to investigate your apologies; it is because limiting beliefs are constantly disguised as an apology. At first glance, one thing seems to be an obstacle. In reality, it’s just an excuse you can sabotage yourself with.

So how do you determine if it is a respectable obstacle? Focus on information about the situation, not on emotions. When you cancel an excuse with information and logic, it is easier to see the B.S.

If you understand that this is just an excuse, you are still struggling to get the precedent. Start using your optimistic statements. View the success stories about weight loss. Find inspiration from people who have already overcome obstacles and apologies.


Make positive confession daily

Once you’ve recognized your negative ideas, it’s time to move them. Replace negativity with optimistic goals and their beliefs. Practice with optimistic confirmations. Watch out for “I can’t do it” and “I don’t do it” statements and apologies. The next time you catch yourself in a loop of negativity and self-sabotage, use these optimistic statements. Keep repeating them until you can stop self-sabotage. Then repeat the method again the next time these negative ideas appear.

  • I don’t like to understand
  • I can never stop consuming carbohydrates
  • I’m too overwhelmed to get in shape
  • I am too busy to prepare healthy meals
  • I’m not the kind of woman who goes to the fitness centre
  • I have no money for this type of meal
  • I can’t afford it [the gym, the Keto supermarket, the learning materials
  • I’m fat
  • I’m too lazy to cook a meal


Stop Procrastinating and take actions

Procrastination is another way to believe the major limitations that occur, especially in the case of a weight loss plan. It is always easy to find a reason why the timing is just not right, but all you do is keep yourself together again. There will never be a time when everything will be completely aligned. When you apologize for delay, you allow only that restrictive observation to prevail.

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Obsessing over diet perfection

Perfectionism is great in the Keto area. Changing your food sample is a huge step and it makes sense that you want to do it completely. You need your weight loss plan to give you the results you want, so you feel that everything should be right. The need to get everything right will actually be robust; this need can also be a limiting perception that prevents you from transferring in advance.

The nutritional data is a reconstruction of averages and estimates. If you insist on every gram of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, electrolytes, etc. in line with an objective controlled by a calculator, it must be understood that it is nevertheless an average or an estimate.

Macros will be an unimaginable tool for a weight loss plan. However, stress about these figures can be the engine of your opposing ideas, beliefs or actions. Don’t let statistics and perfectionism stop you.

You may end up with the unfair idea in your weight loss plan. You assume that if you exceed your carbohydrate restriction, you have cheated; you may feel responsible for it. Before you proceed with your weight loss plan, know this: you are not unfair. You study in practical expertise. It is not a mistake, it is an expertise.

Too many people try to control the keto. They tell everyone what they are doing wrong; the chances are good, but they do not do everything well at the same time. They may need a strict set of black and white guidelines that they assume everyone must adhere to. None of these is suitable, so they are absolutely not useful. If you realize that you are part of the keto policy, just keep it to yourself.

Everyone’s weight reduction plan is completely different and distinctive for their specific person. Keto diets can observe identical common parameters, but they will be adjusted to meet the needs and wishes of each person. Don’t try to drive perfectionism on yourself, and don’t ride it on different people both.

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Over controlling everything

You have no control over what people do or say. Just as you can orientate yourself in another person’s weight loss plan, you can let different people have an effect on the best way to plan your weight. There will always be another person doing something completely different.

Your partner does not pay attention to the keto and you are also forced to see how they eat carbohydrates. Someone at your home has eaten the meals that you have chosen on purpose. Your keto buddy has given up and now you no longer have your assistance system. These are just excuses. These are not respectable obstacles. By allowing such excuses to dictate your weight loss plan, your limiting beliefs can regulate your nutritional success. Ultimately, your only way to change the way you consume is. You do not want authorization and you do not have to depend on different people.


Discipline your mind

It is very easy to get into a state of mind that prevents you from making real progress toward your goals. For some of you, mentality blocks only start when you have achieved your goals for food and physical composition.

Whether you are new to Keto or have been good at Keto for a long time, you can nevertheless take into account your limiting beliefs and improve your state of mind several times.

Once you have established an unfavourable thought, whatever it is, you exchange it with what you take a little and really feel. Replace “I don’t deserve this” with something optimistic. There is no time like the present to reformulate negative beliefs. You have worked hard to get to where you are. Don’t let your negative ideas stop you from having fun with your success!

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